Used Diagnostic Imaging Equipment For Sale

Please Note: Due to our inventory changing rapidly, most items are not listed on the site. We acquire imaging equipment each week. If you are interested in any of our used diagnostic imaging equipment, please contact us at 918-238-1122. Our sales team will assist you with finding the right imaging equipment for your needs. We also offer Used CT scanners for sale.


At GCI we sell used CT scanners. We have several years of experience assisting clients build first-in-class imaging centers.


At GCI we sell used MRI imaging equipment. Our team of experts can guide you through your purchase and answer all your questions, to ensure you make a good investment. We offer only the best used diagnostic imaging equipment.


At GCI we sell used PET/CT imaging equipment. We only sell high quality imaging equipment that you can trust to use for years to come.


At GCI we sell used Fixed & Mobile C-Arm imaging scanners. We sell high quality imaging equipment that will meet your company’s high standards of medical service for your patients.

Our company provides one-on-one consultation, accreditation services, performance improvement, quality, and information technology services to hospitals, medical centers, and outpatient imaging centers all over the nation. We have many years experience in helping clients build first class imaging centers. The company consists of persons that have major firm consulting experience, ex-imaging center owner/operators and highly technical used diagnostic imaging equipment, engineers.